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New release!

A freshly baked release is ready for you to read!
This time it's the special chapter of the first volume of Aishiteru tte Itte mo Ii yo.
It's called:"I believe in love!"
I translated it from the french scans so I hope the sentences make some sense. (hehe)
Please enjoy reading!
PS. I need your opinion... Shall I continue scanlating the remaining chapters of this volume?

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Goodbye, Angel Chapter 2

Hey guys!
As promised a chapter of Goodbye, Angel.
More to come...
NOTE: Quality isn't the best, please bear with it! Color cleaning is really difficult!

Enjoy reading!

Goodbye, Angel Chapter 2

UPDATE/EDIT: To support the original webtoon author, <- click this link
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Reporting for work

Hey guys! Long time no see! It's holiday time, which means we (I) will be resuming our projects!! Please anticipate,  I'll see what I can do!

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We need an ACTIVE proofreader, typsetter and cleaner!

please email: aducksparadise@ymail.com if you're interesed.

All projects are on hold because we don't have them!
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New project in progress...

Hey guys,

I'm starting a new project!
Which is translated by me :) You happy? It's called: "Aishiteru tte itte mo ii yo"~
I don't know if anyone has already started with it, but I liked the story so I decided to do this one.

PS. Still need translators for our Korean projects so please apply.
Will starting a joint with a group soon. :)

Please enjoy your day.

With love,
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Coming Soon...